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ZonesCorp, Abu Dhabi

The ZonesCorp is a dedicated industrial free economic zone located at the heart of Abu Dhabi, founded in 2004 by the Abu Dhabi Government.

The largest industrial business targeted free trade zone in UAE, the ZonesCorp is a dynamic industrial development organization. The ZonesCorp is having six international qualified industrial zones which all together generating almost half of the manufacturing GDP of the Emirate. The ZonesCorp could accommodate and to satisfy the needs of nearly 600 manufacturing companies from all over the world, that includes some of the leading international industries in a variety of sectors. Because of the large number of strategically founded industrial cities, the ZonesCorp could become the UAE’s manufacturing hub.

NoZone NameDescriptionSizeStatus
1ICAD IHeavy-to-medium manufacturing, engineering and processing industries, including metal products, construction materials, fiberglass and plastics assembly.14km²Existing Project
2ICAD IILight-to-medium manufacturing, engineering and processing industries, including wood processing, engineering, oil and gas, construction materials, and chemicals.11km²Existing Project
3ICAD IIIVariety of clusters including an oil and gas zone, wood and engineering zone, and construction materials zone12km²Existing Project
4Al Ain Industrial CityMulti-use development but with a priority focus on SME’s in the light-to-medium manufacturing, engineering and processing industries10km²Existing Project
5Workers’ Residential CitiesTo address the large demand for workers’ accommodation in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi.Existing Project
6ICAD IVDedicated to the technology and light industries. 24km²Future Project
7ICAD VDedicated to Automobile Industry11km²Future Project
8Construction and Building Materials ZoneFocusing on industries related to construction works and building materials.34km²Future Project
9Workers' Residential Cities IIFor workers’ accommodation in the Emirate of Abu DhabiFuture Project

ZonesCorp for business setup

The ZonesCorp is an ideal place to start a business, which having state of the art infrastructures, conducive business climate, duty-free access to the Gulf Cooperation Council countries, as well as to signatory countries to the Greater Arab Free Trade Agreement, duty-free import of machinery and raw materials, tax exemptions, free repatriation of profit and capital, competitively-priced utilities, customer-centric approach through the adoption of a "One stop shop" concept, etc.

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