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List of free zones in UAE

Free zones or free trade zones are business platform centers with a special tax, customs and imports regime and governed by their own framework of regulations (with the exception of UAE Criminal Law).

United Arab Emirates is one of the top business friendly country in the world. It has different types of business structure opportunities, among those, free zones are the number one choice for foreign investors who wish to spend their money in the UAE market. The UAE is having free zones in all their seven emirates, and the most of the free zones are located in Dubai. Free zones are classified into, seaport free zone, airport free zone and mainland free zone, based on their operational structure. There is no doubt that the tremendous number of free zones contributing a major portion of United Arab Emirates's total GDP.

The key elements that acts like a catalyst in the growth of each free zone are legal regulations and exceptions that designed to protect a foreign investor and makes him to earn the most possible return. That are, 100 percent foreign ownership, zero percent tax (both corporate as well as income) for the first 50 years, 100 percent repatriation of capital and profits, 100 percent import and export tax exemptions and assistance with labor recruitment, and additional support services, etc.

Free Trade Zones across UAE

Every free zone is managed by an authority called free zone authority (FZA). Based on the geographical location and purpose of the zone area, each zone having some unique specialties and some zones are designed to support only a few types of industrial activities. When choosing a free zone, it is necessary to study about the business that you are going to establish, based on its nature, we could suggest you the best zone fits for you.

Dubai Free Zones

No controversy in the fact that, Dubai is the most attractive business city in the entire UAE. May be because of that, it is having the major numbers of free zones in UAE. Under the visionary ruling of the legend Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the Dubai is stepping forward with each decision is just make the city more and more business friendly and economically strong.

Abu Dhabi Free zones

Sharjah Free zones

Ajman Free zones

Fujairah Free zones

Ras Al Khaimah Free zones

Umm Al Quwain Free zones

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