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Khalifa Industrial Zone

The Khalifa Industrial Zone or also known as Kizad is an industrial business area which has been spread over the Khalifa port in Abu Dhabi, UAE.

The Kizad or Khalifa Industrial Zone is a dedicated industrial zone, founded by the government of Abu Dhabi in 2010 as the part of their economic Vision 2030, which will diversify the economy from oil and gas revenues. The Kizad is a multi-billion dollar industrial park, which would become the emirate's first industrial free zone offering 100 per cent foreign ownership. As per the economic diversification vision of Abu Dhabi 2030, Khalifa Industrial Zone is expected to generate up to 15% of the emirate's non-oil GDP. Project like Kizad can stabilize the economy of the UAE, even the oil and gas industry is loosing its shine.

As per the blueprint of the Khalifa Industrial Zone project, it will become a giant industrial zone with an area of 420 square kilometers, which is two thirds of the size of Singapore. Kizad can be a destination for different type of industrial activities like, aluminium, steel, chemicals, logistics, food, glass, engineered metal products, etc. The Khalifa Industrial Zone will also become a number one source for job openings, because it could generate more than 150,000 jobs due to a deal signed with more than 50 local and international companies.

Why Khalifa Industrial Zone

As it mentioned already, the Kizad is a project of the future of the emirate, also the government is considering it as an important one just because they need to implement the economic diversification vision. The Khalifa Industrial Zone is having easy access to the sea, air and roadways to ensure smooth and efficient transportation system. As the Kizad is integrated with Khalifa port, there is no doubt regarding sea shipping ways; and it is also having easy access to the Abu Dhabi and Dubai City. The international airports, Abu Dhabi, Al Maktoum and Dubai are 35, 52, and 85 kilometers in distant from the zone respectively.

Low running cost of Kizad is another advantages for the businesses who register under the zone, the authority is providing electricity at a rate of 0.15 AED/KWH while the Dubai and Oman were charging 0.33 and 0.21 AED respectively. The industrial water supply is also cheaper than Dubai, Oman and KASA industrial rate. In addition Kizad is offering 100 percent foreign ownership, tax free environment, competitive leasing cost and low import-export duties, etc.

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