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Hamriyah Free Trade Zone

Sharjah's free trade zone area, Hamriyah is a good choice for the foreign investors who looking for a cost effective environment.

History of Hamriyah Free Zone

The Hamriyah free zone located in Sharjah, in the United Arab Emirates. being strategically placed to access the lucrative regional and international markets as made as preferable destination for business around the world . Its legacy of being an old trading nation the political and economic stability, cultured and peace loving people, friendly and multi-cultural environment, most modern infrastructural facilities, low cost of living as well as its strong and stable currency, are all essential ingredient of an ideal place to be live and to do business.

Sharjah is one of the seven emirates in the UAE, third in size but first in industrial developments as well as cultural and educational credentials. It is the only emirate in the UAE with strategic advantage of having land and sea ports bordering both the Indian Ocean and the Arabian Gulf. Being in the center of the UAE, augments its logistics visions to reach every nook and corner of the team in local markets and all other UAE emirates. The business resilience and investment climate of Sharjah is supported by international airport which connects to more than 250 destinations around the world as well as three world class seaports offering extensive transportation links to the bustling markets of the Gulf states, the Indian subcontinent and the emerging markets in the Asia and Africa.

Hamriyah Free Zone Logo

World class infrastructure and health, education, environment, safety, public facilities, art, cultural and entertainment in Sharjah is enjoyed, perished and recommended by all. Hamriyah free zone was originated in November 1995 from the vision of His Highness shaqe Dr. sultan bin Mohammed Al Qasimi, member of the supreme council and ruler of Sharjah to facilitate Sharjah's industrial, trading and economic development for the local and international business community. Today the vision of his highness materialized into a very dynamic and one of the fastest growing free zone in the world in addition to being one of the cornerstones of Sharjah's industrial and economic development. It is now a global investment hub for investors from over 135 countries with two billion dollars in local and foreign investment.

Advantages of Hamriyah Free Zone

Hamriyah free zone offers for its investors 100 percent company ownership, 100 percent exception from all commercial lobbies, 100 percent tax free environment, repatriation of all capital and earn profit. Freedom for employing any nationals, non-interference or monitoring of their business operations. Hamriyah free zone investors enjoy substantial additional advantages with new company in corporations inside the free zone. Cost effectiveness and quality services, tailor-made business solutions, one window concept for quick issuance of licenses and visas, dedicated staff for completion of all licensing visa and medical procedures inside the free zone, easy access to low cost skilled labor, availability of the harbor and inner harbor inside the fee zone, availability of storage, strategic location with access to the ports on the east and the west.

Different Licences in Hamriyah

With simple hassle free procedures, Hamriyah free zone provides licenses for the business operations of its investors. These licenses include

Industrial licence

Industrial licence required for investors to import raw materials and components for manufacturing, processing or assembly specify products and to export or sell as desire.

Commercial Licence

Commercial Licence allows the investor to import, export, sell, distribute and store.

Service licence

It is required for investors who provide ancillary and supporting services like consulting, management, IT services etc. inside the Hamriyah free zone only.

For companies to perform their business activities, Hamriyah free zone provides them with the choice of two flexible legal structures. In the form of either a free zone incorporated entity or a branch of their existing company anywhere in the world. The free zone incorporated entity can either be a free zone establishment with a single shareholder or a free zone company with 2 to 5 shareholders. Both of these are limited liability entities in law.

Hamriyah Free Zone's Infrastructure

Hamriyah free zone's infrastructure includes 22 million square meters of industrial and commercial land. Pre-built warehouses, offices staff accomodations, and a 14 meter deep port as well as a 7-9 meter deep inner harbor, report includes four general cargo berths and a birth dedicated for petrochemical and LPG. The Hamriyah free zone inner harbor provides the marine industry with a rare facility for ship building, ship repairing and dry docking services.


The lands plots offered by the Hamriyah free zone start from a minimum of 2500 square meters. These plots can be developed up to 60 percent by the investors to suit their specific requirements. The minimum lease term is five years and the maximum is 25 this can be renewed for another 25 years.


For those investors who required ready to use per-built facilities, Hamriyah free zone offers a choice of warehouses in four different sizes. 276 square meters, 307 square meters, 416 square meters and 614 square meters. These warehouses are ideal for storage, assembly and light manufacturing businesses.


Another prime facility provided by Hamriyah free zone is office spaces. This is primarily for those who would like to establish a business presence with minimum cost. Offices space are available in different sizes and can be used 24 hours a day. State of the art utilities like telecommunications as well as power and water are the backbone of any business. The utility providers in the UAE have arrange these essential infrastructures in the free zone at very reasonable cost.

Employee Accommodation

For those investors who require housing for their employees, Hamriyah free zone provides staff accommodations inside the free zone. This provides business with the much needed cost effectiveness and time savings which act with profitability.

Service sectors

The free zone has arranged services facilities like local and international banks, restaurants, money exchange centers, travel agencies, courier companies, medical clinics in close proximity to the business location. All these facilities are interconnected with world class road networks.

Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) in Hamriyah

Hamriyah free zone has been the pioneer in acknowledging the importance of SME as a vital sector in the economic development of any country. It was the first free zone in the UAE to discover and offers an array of simple business solutions for SME. The Hamriyah E-offices or SME are hugely successful due to the most cost effective packages and the convenience of setting up a company within no time. For startup companies this is the solutions for investors to mobilize the business, feel the market and take informed decisions to move forward to a warehouse or land facility for long term business commitments.

SME zones in Hamriyah

Seven magnificent zones focus on the seven most prosperous industries in the UAE is another Hamriyah business solution for small investors where they can build their own facilities. An area of approximately 10 million square feet in Hamriyah free zone phase two is leveled and baseline studies are pre arranged for them to start facility construction immediately. The investors in this zone are supported with liberal discount packages.

1. The construction world

Hamriyah's SME supporting the construction industry with the production and supply of raw materials and components. Trading companies in the sector are also allowed to build their warehouses for storage and supply of construction related materials and supplies. An area of 1.1 million square feet is allowed for this industry.

2. Steel city

The middle east is an ideal location for steel production, trading, supply of raw materials and equipment, logistics and investments. During the stage of restarting economic growth and reconstruction, the middle east and especially UAE is the right place to setup steel businesses. With this in mind, Hamriyah free zone is dedicated 1.5 million square feet of excellent property for a steel city. The SME performing steel related industrial, commercial or service activities are all housed in this zone.

3. Timberland

Wood products like MDF, plywood, hardwood, softwood, finished wood and paper products as well as molding machines, woodworking machinery and tools and accessories. All play a vital role in the construction and furnishing industry. SME in the industries are the ideal players in Hamriyah Free Zone Timer Land. This facility covers an are of 1.2 million square feet .

4. Oil and Gas zone

UAE is the third-largest oil producer in the middle east with substantial supply of gas, is an ideal place to do business in oil and gas related industries. Hamriyah is considered this important business also in its support to SME. The hamriyah's SME oil and gas zone is spread on a vast area of 1.1 million square feet. Small businesses and downstream projects like fabrication related to oil and gas industry, other oil services, geophysical services, environmental and safety related studies and services, coding, processing and commercial activities can be well placed in this zone.

5. Petrochemicals Zone

With the significance of oil and gas based industries in the UAE, other hydrocarbon downstream industries are natural and beneficial. Industries in detergents, fertilizers, medicines, synthetic fibers, synthetic rubber could easily be set up in a Hamriyah free zone's petrochemicals zone. This zone is on an area of 1.3 million square feet.

6. Maritime city

The enviable geographical position of the middle east attracts abundant business from vessels playing the route between east Asia and the western hemisphere. Moreover the provisional high quality services at competitive prices has tended to shift the focus of maritime industry towards the UAE. In an array of activities like shipping, building and repairing ships, ship conversions, offshore fabrication and ship chartering. The maritime city in Hamriyah free zone occupies an area of 1.2 million square feet.

7. Perfume World

Asia pacific and the middle east represent the fastest growing markets in the fragrance industry. The Arab world right from the ancient times is famous for perfumes, fragrances and aromatic compounds. UAE's easy access to these markets has made the right choice to explore perfume business opportunities. The 1.35 million square feet perfume world in Hamriyah evolves from this recognition of this perfume factor.

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