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Fujairah Free Zone

The Fujairah free zone is one of the best free trade zone, which offers a very easy access to neighboring countries because it is located near to the Fujairah sea port.

The Fujairah free zone is the free trade zone area regulated by FFZA (Fujairah free zone authority). FFZA is offering easy access to all Arabian Gulf ports, the Red Sea, Iran, India and Pakistan on weekly feeder vessels for the companies, who have been established with them. Another attraction of FFZA towards the business people is its close distance to the Fujairah International Airport, which is the only airport serving the UAE East Coast as well as northern Oman.

Fujairah free trade zone become one of the best as well as a unique destination for traders and businesses because of the finest geographical location which offering a very easy access to the worlds top sea ports, airports and shipping routes. The one who registers with Fujairah Zone can exploit this tremendous shipping opportunity which can be an essential for a great business.

Forming business with Fujairah Free Zone

With best air, sea and land shipping advantages Fujairah has been always a step ahead than the rest free zones when someone looking for shipping as an important factor in his business. Also like other free zones, Fujairah is having a very investor friendly policies include tax exemptions, 100 percent foreign ownership, low import & export duties, etc. Another advantage of considering Fujairah is it's different capacity warehouses that fit for small to large scale companies

Comparing to the luxury cities like Dubai and Abu Dhabi, the Fujairah free zone is a good choice for making your business a cost effective environment without any compromise on quality services.

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