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Dubai Internet City

The Dubai Internet City is an information technology park established by the government of Dubai for availing the benefits of modern science and technology to the emirate.

The DIC (Dubai Internet City) has been founded in 1999 by the government of Dubai as a free economic zone and as an IT hub which targets the emerging technology market. It is now one of the strongest IT business zone with the presence of well known technology giants including, Microsoft, Dell, IBM, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. Dubai Internet City is located nearby on Sheikh Zayed Road which connects between Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Dubai Marina, Jumeirah Beach Residence and the well-known Palm Jumeirah are the neighborhood of DIC. Internet City is also having a sea coast near to it by less than a kilometer.

By 2004 DIC has announced its outsource zone, which is the world's first outsourcing industry free zone. Another interesting initiative by the Dubai Internet City is its First Steps Business Center, which offering an executive desk or executive office space that allows small IT related businesses to be present in such a massive market without investing much money for the infrastructures. The executive desk gives fully connectivity and a furnished workspace that allows to make your present in very minimal level, while the executive office is having enough facilities to occupy 2-7 employees of an organization.

Why to consider Dubai Internet City

As of an IT business, it is necessary to get interconnected with similar companies from same industries, similarly like a web designing or marketing agency seeks the service of hosting or name registrar. By establishing business in the Dubai Internet City, you are gaining the access to a wide range of different IT industries, so that it can help to find high quality resources as well as your B2B consumer in the same neighborhood. Also, another major advantage that every partner company of DIC is getting that the chance to take part, display and to make network with hundreds of other businessmen in world famous summits, conferences, evens etc.

Because the Dubai Internet City is a free zone, it is offering a lot of economical fruits to the registered partners that includes, tax exception for the 50 years, zero percent import and export duties, 100 percent foreign ownership, etc. So in the bottom line, finding a place inside DIC for your IT business can gift you tremendous financial benefit, a reputed IT corporate neighborhood and also the brand name of the Internet City.

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