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Dubai Cars & Automotive Zone (DUCAMZ)

Dubai Cars & Automotive Zone (DUCAMZ) is an economic free zone dedicated to automobile industry in Dubai. The DUCAMZ is also known as Dubai Auto Zone (DAZ).

The Dubai Cars & Automotive Zone was founded by the government of Dubai in April 2000 for accelerating the growth of automobile industry across the country. The DUCAMZ or also know as Dubai Auto Zone (DAZ) is under the supervision of Jebel Ali Free Zone Authority (JAFZA). The primary objective of the Dubai auto zone is to re-export the used vehicles to the large automobile markets like Asian and African continents. The DAZ is helping business sectors in automobile industry, including buyers, sellers, service providers, principals and traders.

The ideal location of Dubai Auto Zone is enabling the partner businesses to easily access all the sea and airports in the emirate of Dubai. The industrial companies can utilize the modern, efficient highway systems connecting between neighbor countries, and also the most famous and largest Dubai international airport for transporting their products and raw materials all across the glob. The DUCAMZ is having a significant role in the emirate's annual GDP.

Starting business with the Dubai Auto Zone

The automobile industry is having a very huge market in all over the world, even it could survive the last few financial crisis. And in UAE, the growth of automotive business is so high. Starting an automobile related business in the UAE could significantly impact your business, rather than anywhere else in the world. The Dubai Auto Zone is able to give a lot of financial as well as infrastructural advantages because it is a free zone area. 100 percent foreign ownership, tax exceptions, zero import and export duties for GCC countries are some of that benefits.

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