The trend of starting a business in United Arab Emirates is increasing day by day. Millionaires from each and every corner of the world is competing to invest in the UAE. Do you know, why UAE seems so business friendly?

It’s true that every place on our earth is having some specialties, when we talking about United Arab Emirate or it’s popular city, Dubai, it is well known in the business environment and luxury lifestyles. It is just nearly a 40 year old story that an Arab desert evolved as the number one soil for doing business, enjoying a vacation or settle down and living in a peaceful high class lifestyle. Dubai is now acting like global port between all the continents.

It wasn’t some miracles that helped UAE to attain such a dignity and trustworthiness. But the visionary actions of some great rulers who made their country as a global destination. From the tallest building to the largest underground metro station or the most crowded airport, everything pointing to how strong was those legend ruler’s decisions. In this article, we are going to dig some facts that why UAE becomes a magnet to those who do businesses.

10 Reasons why businessmen choose UAE

If we are looking for reasons about the flow of foreign investment in the UAE, it is not just a 10 things. But after some analysis and researches, I could come with 10 solid factors that may be the main cause for such a business effect. The one who runs their company in UAE may agree that these points are the main reason that pull them to stay in Emirates.


Yes, it is the primary reason behind business success of Dubai is the day to day growing and risk free economy. The rich emirates have a stable financial climate that can overcome any crisis is the reason why foreign companies preferring UAE for their offshore operations. This situation helps startups to multi-million businesses to operate very smoothly in UAE.


Except the criminal law, every rule and regulations are entirely different for foreigners help their business in UAE. The procedures and paper works are very minimal compared to any other country and the legal operations are much faster to ensure that each and every business person getting quick legal sanctions for making their business fast enough.


The UAE government could succeed in offering all the infrastructure for a business needs, even in huge demand occurs. High class office locations, limitless electricity, internet and other connectivity things are a great part of the UAE’s business face.


Because of the living standards and tax free atmosphere, skilled and unskilled candidates from all across the globe are available in the UAE. It is actually an easy job to find required professionals for an organization even it is a startup thing. Practically, the candidates from most countries are looking for an opportunity to get placed in UAE and to start a good life. It is also one of the main reasons, why most business people choose UAE.


The main reason why most offshore businesses choose Free Zones as their office location is the zero percent tax and zero percent import export facilities. Who doesn’t like to run their corporation in a country in which the government doesn’t demand taxes and other charges at least up to a limit. Here also, we could feel the wise decisions of great rulers.


Operating a business in the UAE and shipping products in Asia, Europe and North America is an easy task. UAE is having a stable trade relation to these east and west continents, which is so crucial for a successful international business.


Imagine, if UAE was just like a developing country who, having democracy and unstable atmosphere of who will rule after a few years. Will any business persons dare to invest their wealth. The rulers of this tiny land could foresee the potential of this country and acted wisely to fulfill their vision.


It is true that by starting a company in UAE, you are going to serve your services or products to the peoples from all over the world. We could easily find any nationalities in United Arab Emirates. The flow of tourist to this land is also increasing each and every day. Also, because of the high class lifestyle of the UAE, selling a good product in there is not a big deal.


It is also a strong reason why so much establishment happening in Dubai or other emirates of the UAE, is that most of the services that may interconnect with your business is already running in the UAE. Simply like, if you are doing an automotive service business, then UAE is the paradise of luxurious cars. Every business has a good future in the UAE because of the mix of culture you could see there.


When your business is operating in the UAE and you settled there with your family, you know that you are enjoying a very peaceful and luxurious life. Very low crime rates, good behaving authorities, high technology security systems, quality treatment, presence of any big brands are always a reason for thinking about UAE when you need to settle down.

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