8 Steps to start a business in Dubai

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Steps to start business in Dubai

The steps or processes for getting your business registered under Dubai government is actually very simple. Find the 8 steps that will be enough to start a business in Dubai.

The number of companies each month applying for a business registration under Dubai government is increasing unpredictably. We all know that how business friendly is UAE, especially Dubai when considering for an offshore location. Even our previous blog post was about "Why business people love UAE". So in this infographics blog post, we would like to share 8 simple steps that will cover your entire business registration process.

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Steps to complete business registration in Dubai

The following are the common steps to achieve a registered business in Dubai, some of the points are optional which depends on the business type that you are going to establish.

1. Choose a business activity

Dubai is offering you 2000 plus choices to select as your business activity type. This is categorized into several groups for easy access. And some business activities in this list may need government sanction rather than Depart of Economic Development (DED).

2. Select a legal form

Legal form is the description of the type of business format that you're going to choose. The structure of the partnership, involvement of emirate nationality partnership and foreign ownership, etc. are depending on this legal form type. You can find more details and a list of legal forms available here.

3. Find a trade name for your business

There are some general guidelines to consider when you are looking forward to pick a trade name for your business or organization. The Dubai government is offering you online as well as legal clearing authority offices to make your name selection. You can also approach a private legal firm like us for this process.

4. Apply for the initial approval

You need to get a no objection certificate from Dubai government for proceeding with your business registration steps. This certification process may also vary according to the type of legal form that you have been chosen.

5. Prepare a MOA

The fifth step is required for only some type of legal form, it is about drafting and signing a Memorandum of Association (MOA). In some cases, you may also need to incorporate an Emirate nationality's signature to your Local Service Agent (LSA) agreement.

6. Find a physical location

All business in Dubai needs a physical location address regardless of its type. And before choosing a business location, you may need to get a confirmation from municipality authorities about the location is suitable for your business type and its compliance to public health and safety requirements. If you are choosing some business location center, which provided by the UAE government, then you may not need to approach the municipality of clearance certificates.

7. Obtain business activity license, if required

Some type of business activities needed special sanction from different government departments along with DED's. For an example, if you are going to a health care business, you may need a sanction from DED as well as from the health department.

8. Grab your business license

After finishing all these steps, you need to approach DED counter by submitting all these certificates. After that you'll get your business registration done from 1-7 days depending on your type of business.

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